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Part Washers 

2000 Series

2175 parts washer

Designed and built for long life, these quality parts washers, made of 10 or 12 gauge steel, with dual-zone quick service filters, prove to be at the top of their class in performance.


There are five models to chose from in this series of Parts Washers, with gallon capacities ranging in size from 40 gallons to 260 gallons.The 2000 Series has motor horsepower starting at 3, reaching up to 15, depending on the model chosen.


New Parts Washer Technology

For years, solvent tanks and washer have been the way to clean parts, but these solvent systems are now known to be health hazards.  In addition, environmental issues have made solvent washers increasingly expensive to rent or own. 


Now there is a solution!  Clean parts in minutes with hot water and biodegradable detergents, not solvents.  Load it, set and forget it. Simply place your parts in the washer, close the door set the timer, and your parts are clean.  It's automatic.  Work on something else.  In minutes, your parts are clean.  It's that simple.



Seal-less "EZ Load" Door 
Eliminate water on the floor when the door is opened, 99% of the water drains back into the machine.  In addition, the cleaning basket is exposed, so it is twice as easy to load and unload than a flat door parts washer.  You do not have to put your head and arms into a box of hot steam and hot dripping water to load and unload the parts washer to see if your parts are clean.


Larger Load Heights with Built-In Head Racks

Easily wash the most awkward and tall loads.  The head rack and side bars of the turntable allow for easy part tie down and and positioning.


Automatic Oil Skimming System

Standard on: 2040E, 2055E, 2085, 2085TE, 2175E, and 2260E  

Optional on: 2040 and 2055


Don't Pay Expensive Labor to Wash Parts

The AaLadin Cleaning System Parts Washer cleans better than a brush and solvents, and because your parts have been washed with hot water, most parts will air-dry and be ready to use within minutes of removal from your washer.  This product reduces cleaning costs by converting the labor currently spent cleaning dirty parts into more productive billable labor. 


Dry Floor Evaporator with Power Vent (Standard on all E-models)

Dirty wash water is contaminated with oil, paint and other heavy metal pollutants.  Our washer features the original design of the built-in Nothing Down the Drain waste water disposal system.  Flip a switch and dispose 97% of the waste water from your washer.  You can also use your waste water disposal system to dispose of dirty wash water from other parts washing machines.  Our totally self-contained parts washer evaporates water to eliminate hauling excess water.  This limits environmental liability. 


Belt-Driven Turntable Drive

All turntable drive parts are on the outside of the cabinet to protect from grime and wear.  Belt drive design prevents motor damage if the load jams.


Two Year Warranty

Turntable and oil skimmer motors.


Lifetime Warranty

Internal turntable bearing


No Waste Water Down the Drain

Models: 2040, 2055E, 2085E, 2085TE, 2175E, and 2260E are build standard with a Dry Floor Water Disposal System and Power Vent.


Pumps and Wear Points

Constructed for durability.

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